Limpiador de Brochas Mary Kay®

117 ml


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Una solución rápida para eliminar residuos de maquillaje en tus brochas Mary Kay.

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Cleanse and refresh your Mary Kay® brushes for top-notch performance with this fast-drying cleaner. It effectively eliminates makeup residue to provide proper hygiene and leaves brushes smelling fresh and clean. The Mary Kay® Brush Cleaner is a must for helping provide stay-true color between applications of different shades and textures.

Application Tips

1.      Spray brush cleaner directly onto brush hairs until thoroughly dampened.

2.      Gently sweep brush over tissue to remove excess moisture and to wipe away makeup residue and color.

3.      Reshape brush hairs with a clean tissue, lay flat, and allow to air dry before using.

4.      Allow brush to dry completely before reuse.

5.      Keep your brushes looking even better by cleansing weekly with a mild cleanser and warm water.

6.      Store brushes in their case when not in use.